About Jennifer...


Astrology in its essence is the study of life. It is a language of time, rich with variety and ripe with paradox. It is through this lens that I am able to gain insight into the messages the universe is sharing with us at any given moment.  


My first professional step began when I was 18 and I discovered the life changing effects of unlocking the body. Most extensively I studied Traditional Thai massage therapy, colon hydrotherapy, detoxification, and Jivamukti yoga.   


Through these trainings I developed my own personal style of therapeutic touch and ran my own practice. It was during a very busy time in 2014 when many life challenges unearthed themselves, that I started paying closer attention to the movement of the planets. I was stunned by the accuracy and specificity the study of planetary cycles illuminated for me. This sparked an immense curiosity and deepening of my astrological pursuits.



I began Maurice Fernandez’s Professional Evolutionary Astrology course in 2015 and graduated in the fall 2017. Maurice stands out as a beacon of knowledge and pure intention. In an effort to selflessly share his gifts, Maurice has significantly heightened the integrity of astrological counsel and helped spread the benefits of this incredible tool to the far corners of our globe.   


It is through evolving experience that I offer astrological counseling sessions to those seeking to better understand themselves and the logical pattern of the cosmos. By doing this transformative work together we gain more clarity on how to navigate the ever changing seasons of life on earth.


I currently divide my year between the East Coast Unite States and Europe.