Therapeutic Massage...


As a graduate of a massage therapy licensure program with an emphasis in therapeutic sports techniques and deep tissue work, I have come to further enhance those modalities.  

My certifications in bodywork are as follows...

2002 Graduate of Massage Therapy Licensure Program in South Carolina

2004 Certification in Eastern Cupping Therapy

2006 Level 1 Thai massage, Northern Style - Nuad Bo-Rarn

2008 Advanced Thai Massage course (Nuad Bo-Rarn) Chiang Mai, Thailand 

2010-2012 Levels 1-3 Swe-Thai Massage, led by Margie Meshew

2012 - 2014 Certification through Master level of Colon Hydrotherapy. International School of Colon Hydrotherapy

(Although I am not currently practicing this modality, the knowledge gained is integrated into every session of bodywork.)


Bodywork sessions are currently only offered in Charleston, South Carolina or the Bay Area of San Francisco, California.