Types of Readings...


Natal Chart 

This refers to the planetary placement the moment of your birth and is the foundational astrological reading.  The dynamics of the chart are discussed from the perspective of the evolution of the soul and a deeper understanding of your personal life lessons is provided. Any question can be asked from vocation, love, health, children, etc. 

Date, location and exact time of birth is necessary. 



 This refers to what is happening in the sky now.  We can look into more pressing and immediate issues such as when is the best timing for an event to occur, specific blockages in life, the year ahead, etc.   A reading of your current transits is subsequent to a reading of your natal chart.

No additional information is necessary for a reading of current transits. 


In this type of reading we can combine your chart with the natal chart of individuals in your life you wish to gain greater insight into your relationship with.  We will see where strengths and weaknesses between the two of you lie as well as other dynamics that are probable between the two of you. 

Partners, children or parents, business partners are all possibilities of what we can look into in a reading of synastry.   

Date, location and time of birth is needed for all charts we will be addressing. 


Follow Up Reading

Any subsequent reading following one of the previously mentioned sessions is considered a follow up.  A bit shorter in duration as the groundwork has already been established in the initial session.  We can go into more details about signatures previously mentioned.