What to expect when receiving a reading...

Astrologers study the nature of time, particularly origins.  Your unique birth time creates a horoscope which is a snapshot or imprinting of the sky, from Earth's perspective, the moment you took your first breath. 

As humans on Earth we experience many things. This can be the birth of a child or animal, purchase of a home, start of a romantic union, launch of a business, or initiation of a creative endeavor.  All of these events have what Astrologers call a ‘birthchart’ and it is through this lens that we are able to read the life cycles of whatever it may be that we’re studying.  Understanding the inception of our child's first breath or the moment we signed on the dotted line helps us understand the evolutionary intention of those endeavors. 

Through the birthchart we are able to see potential strengths, weaknesses, and behavioral compulsions; beginnings and endings of cycles and what the cycles represent (ie: realignment in finances, upgrading ones romantic life, reevaluation and reconsideration of where you live, stagnation in relationships, etc.).  In our busy lives with many things happening simultaneously which draw us out of the contemplative states where we are able to hear the universe clearly, astrology is an excellent tool to decipher what life is trying to communicate to us.

Astrology has a diverse history with many systems and approaches to choose from. While it has a long standing reputation of solely being a tool to predict the future, I find this method limiting.  If you come into an astrological reading with an open mind and a desire to have a realistic dialogue about your life journey then the potential is there to gain wisdom and deep insight into the meaning behind seemingly arbitrary events in life.   Possibilities for the future are given and discussed based on the context of your current situation. 


We also have as a foundational focus in Evolutionary Astrology the past life story and the idea that we cannot learn everything we need to know about the Earth plane in one lifetime.  Therefore we continue to return and the lessons repeat as needed.   As a practitioner of Evolutionary Astrology, the foundational focus of a reading is to gain insight into the themes of your past life stories in order to help aid your current evolutionary development.  The themes we come in carrying, in addition to the cultural conditioning of the society we were born into as well as our familial environment growing up all flavor how we will evolve and advance in any given lifetime.. Astrology helps to understand how all of these are related and what the soul desires to achieve given the set of circumstances.


Typical questions asked in a reading...

"I am wanting to change careers at some point in the future. What would be a good educational direction for a new career?" 


"Am I ever going to meet the ONE? What is a good way for me, personally to meet new potential partners?"


"What is coming up for me this year?"